Mastering Interviews (1 day)

Mastering Interviewing Skills and The Psychology of Job Interviews (1 DAY TRAINING) TALLINN, ESTONIA

Job interviews are by far major used assessment method in recruitment. It is the art of asking the relevant questions and assessing the received answers objectively.  However, we all realize that we often get „politically correct“ or „rounded“ answers, well prepared by candidates, more or less the ones we want to hear.

Therefore, it is crucial for every interviewer to be skilled to assess not only what is said but also how it is said. Recruitment Academy trainer Jan Ženaty in his full day training delivers all relevant information on how to fully read candidates.

The training includes plenty of practical exercises as well as video materials to learn and apply.  You will learn:

About the trainer: 

Jan Ženaty is a passionate speaker and enthusiastic trainer with solid background in psychology. He has more than 3,000 hours of experience working with groups of managers, with whom he shares his own managerial experience and psychological background. He is Paul Ekman International approved trainer of Emotional skills and Evaluating credibility.  Jan presents at a variety of conferences and public events. He has helped over 500 clients by passing on his know how.

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